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The streets - it's too late

The Open Streets Project is part advocacy project, part toolkit, part information database. It’s a one-stop shop for all things open streets related. Our team can offer aid and guidance to organizations and cities founding or growing their open streets programs. We believe that every municipality, no matter the size, can benefit from open streets.

Though Streets of Rage 2 plays very similar to its predecessor, it improves and refines much of the gameplay. The biggest change is the replacement of the original special attack, which was calling a police car to damage all on-screen enemies, with individual special attacks performed by each character, that depletes some of their health. Each playable character's move list has been expanded and edited to make them very individual to play instead of similar with different handicaps.

Streets must be welcoming places for everyone to walk, spend time and engage with other people.  This is necessary to keep us all healthy through physical activity and social interaction.  It is also what makes places vibrant and keeps communities strong. The best test for whether we are getting our streets right is whether the whole community, particularly children, older people and disabled people are enjoying using this space.

The Streets - It's Too LateThe Streets - It's Too LateThe Streets - It's Too LateThe Streets - It's Too Late