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Definitive sound - sunshine

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An ideal Atmos speaker installation would involve ceiling-mounted speakers, but that’s simply not practical for everyone, so upfiring modules are the next best thing. Their angled drivers fire sound at the ceiling, which reflects back towards your ears and gives the impression of height.

Definitive is the most established residential and commercial integration company in the Pacific Northwest. For over 40 years, our team of enthusiasts have made it simple for customers to choose the finest in whole house music, home theater, and home automation. We invite you to visit our showrooms to experience a range of music and movie systems, or contact our custom group to create an integrated solution for your home or business.

Next-Generation Bipolar Speaker Series, BP9000, Offers the Latest in High-End Audio Reproduction with Support for Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™

For a little over $1,000 a pop - the C/L/R 3000 is the perfect solution for the home theater enthusiast looking for that full range Definitive sound without having to figure out how to talk your significant other into allowing you to park a pair of super towers in your living room. The C/L/R 3000s sound utterly amazing across the board and make movie soundtracks come to life with such ease that they will have you scratching your head in awe every time you fire them up. If you can accommodate their power requirements and slightly larger size, then the C/L/R 3000s from Definitive Technology may just be the best, semi-compact home theater monitor speaker available today.

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Definitive Sound - SunshineDefinitive Sound - SunshineDefinitive Sound - SunshineDefinitive Sound - Sunshine