Mellowdrone - maquina / machine

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Mellowdrone consists of founding member Jonathan Bates, Tony Dematteo, and Brian Borg. The band's music encompasses a range of styles from lo-fi , indie rock and experimental . [ 1 ] Mellowdrone's music has appeared on several television shows, including Project Runway , Six Feet Under , and Cane . [ citation needed ] "C'mon and try a little bit" was featured in the opening scene of Driv3r . Their song "Oh My," from the 2006 album Box , was featured on the FIFA 07 soundtrack. The song "Fashionably Uninvited" was included in the soundtrack for the 2007 film The Invisible . [ 2 ] "Orange Marmalade" was featured in the 2008 film Never Back Down ,and also in the movie Fling (otherwise known as Lie To Me), "Beautiful Day" was featured on Project Gotham Racing song "oh my" was also featured in popular horror movie, Prom Night. Former member Cami Gutierrez (AKA Cami Grey) is now a part of the indie electropop band Uh Huh Her . [ 3 ]

Mellowdrone - Maquina / Machine