Dead or alive - i'd do anything

In 1977 Burns formed a band with contemporaries Julian Cope , Pete Wylie , and Phil Hurst, calling themselves The Mystery Girls. They played only one gig (opening for Sham 69 at Eric's in Liverpool in November 1977) before disintegrating. [6] Burns returned in early 1979 with a new band, Nightmares in Wax (original name: 'Rainbows Over Nagasaki'), featuring a gothic post-punk sound, with backing from keyboardist Martin Healy, guitarist Mick Reid (ex-Crash Course and Glass Torpedoes), bassist Rob Jones, who left soon afterwards to be replaced by Walter Ogden, and drummer Paul Hornby, formerly of 051 and Pink Military , who also exited soon after the band's formation to be replaced by Phil Hurst. [6] Nightmares in Wax played their first gig supporting Wire at Eric's in July 1979, [7] and, around the same time, recorded demos which included a cover of the Simon Dupree song "Kites", a feature of their early shows. Although signed to the Eric's Records label, their only release, a three-track 7" EP entitled Birth of a Nation , appeared in March 1980 on Inevitable Records. A 12-inch single featuring two of the tracks from the EP, "Black Leather" and "Shangri-La", was released in 1985. [8] The EP featured "Black Leather", which halfway through turned into . & the Sunshine Band 's " That's the Way (I Like It) " (a song later revived by Dead or Alive). [6]

Dead Or Alive - I'd Do AnythingDead Or Alive - I'd Do AnythingDead Or Alive - I'd Do AnythingDead Or Alive - I'd Do Anything