Bebe orchestra - bebe orchestra joue bob marley

In 1915, Weill started taking private lessons with Albert Bing, Kapellmeister at the "Herzogliches Hoftheater zu Dessau", who taught him piano, composition, music theory, and conducting. Weill performed publicly on piano for the first time in 1915, both as an accompanist and soloist. The following years he composed numerous Lieder to the lyrics of poets such as Joseph von Eichendorff , Arno Holz , and Anna Ritter , as well as a cycle of five songs titled Ofrahs Lieder to a German translation of a text by Yehuda Halevi . [6]

Finding a job hard to come by he teamed up with a drummer friend, Walter Lane, and they toured bars, honky-tonks and shopping centres, and when they met a black pianist named Elmo, he was taught his first three chords.  Together they toured Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington State and Oregon before finally ending up in California.  They played music at night and worked by day loading fruit into box cars for $ per hour.  “I was going nowhere,” Sadler said.  Finally he turned back to the armed forces, enlisting into the Army and trained to become a member of the Green Beret Special Forces, where he specialised as a medic and also joined the paratroopers.  After getting his silver wings at Fort Benning jump school he was sent to Vietnam.  It was at this time he was composing his famous Ballad of the Green Berets.  During his tour of duty he sang in the clubs,

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Bebe Orchestra - Bebe Orchestra Joue Bob MarleyBebe Orchestra - Bebe Orchestra Joue Bob MarleyBebe Orchestra - Bebe Orchestra Joue Bob MarleyBebe Orchestra - Bebe Orchestra Joue Bob Marley