Various - aspherical surface e.p.

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The Milky Way is starting to show up on the horizon (the orange light is the city of Miami that was 70 miles/110 km away):

Among the practical high-performance features of the lens are DF (Dual Focus) mechanism for optimal handling stability during autofocus operation; a wider-than-conventional focus ring for superior manual focusing operation; and an inner focusing system that eliminates front lens rotation during focusing, and allows use of the standard petal-type hood accessory, which is excellent at blocking out extraneous light.

Cosina manufactures manual focus SLR lenses for Carl Zeiss AG with: Leica (ZM), [4] Nikon (ZF), Pentax (ZK), Canon EOS (ZE), and M42 (ZS) lens screw mounts.

The USER directory has a large number of sub-directories which correspond by name to a USER package. They contain scripts that illustrate how to use the command(s) provided in that package. Many of the sub-directories have their own README files which give further instructions. See the Section 4 doc page for more info on specific USER packages.

Recent development of seeing more and more exciting lenses made possible after individual manufacturer found various solutions in manufacturing process to produce aspherical lens elements. Tamron developed a method of apply and treating an optical resin to normal spherical surface of a lens to made it aspherical; Nikon overcame its problem in grinding etc..all these accounted for the sudden emergence of lenses of all types with a or a few aspherical lens elements within.

Various - Aspherical Surface e.p.Various - Aspherical Surface e.p.Various - Aspherical Surface e.p.Various - Aspherical Surface e.p.